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Thank yous!

Please forgive me my tardiness in thanking the lovely people that gifted me with v-gifts over the holidays. The overdue thank yous go out to midnight_dm, lab_jazz, connorblond, beauty_forashes, rainbow1907 and maximvanziel. Thank you all so much for thinking of me. I'm always delighted to receive v-gifts!

How were your holidays? Did you have a white Christmas or green? I had a lovely Christmas which included time with all of my family plus a guest from Germany who appeared to love our Christmas traditions and the food that was part of the holidays. I also had a week plus two days off from work. I loved that!!

I continued to knit through the holidays, and plan to post some pictures before this day is over!

A little late to post, but in years past I have shared some of the decorations and cat-mayhem from my house, and I just have to share some of the pretties from my home!

Paper house display at night

Lina wrecking havoc on the paper house display

Largest paper house

Part of mantle display

Part of mantle display

A little part of my tree

Bella resting after wrecking havoc

Oh so cute!

At rest

My tree

My babes enjoying the season

Thank you for looking at pictures from my home during the holidays.

I wish you all a wonderful 2013!
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